Christmas Gifts Ideas for the One in Love

Christmas is one of the brightest and loved holidays around the world. You don't have to be a believer to get into the spirit of this holiday. Since the end of November, all shop windows, streets and houses are decorated with lights toys and, of course, Christmas trees. These activities are creating the mood for Christmas, making us count days and hour until it comes.

More than 2000 years Christians celebrate Christmas. People in every house prepare 13 dishes for the holiday table; bake Christmas cakes, puddings and put treats into stockings. At Christmas, the doors of the almost every house is left open, so that any guests, whether they are invited or unexpected, can come and visit, sit at the same table, sing Christmas songs and present some gifts.

Although many believe that the tradition of giving gifts for Christmas came from the Bible, its real roots have appeared long before. Since the days of Ancient Egypt and Persia in 46 BC, January 1 was the first celebrated holiday, which represented the so-called beginning of the cycle andnamed after the two-faced God Janus. First, people exchanged coins or Laurel wreaths or twigs. These things were consideredas symbols of happiness. Later, gifts became much more magnificent, more solidly and more personal, and this tradition took a place in hearts of many people.

Nowadays, according to etiquette, it is worth giving Christmas presents with soul and love. Each person has their own strategy of choosing gifts. Someone throughout the year trying to find out the preferences of his family and friends, and then orders gifts in advance to the taste of a loved one. Others buy nice little things at the last minute. If you can't give something valuable, it is fine to present a small card and kind words.

Many people get lost from a variety of choices in stores and on websites, and don't know what to give, worry about it for many weeks. Therefore, after looking through many magazines, stores, sites with gifts and interviewing both men and women, I decided to collect all the possible options for gifts for Christmas. In this article, you will find gifts for any person on any wallet, and perhaps it will you are your chose easily saving your nerves and time.

You should choose gifts for familiar people based on what they are interested in. Young people usually more enjoy a technical novelties, a board games, an interesting books and many more. Girls will be happy with cosmetic and original gizmos, a trip to the spa or a calendar of desires, a photo shoot or a night in a good hotel in a romantic setting (if it is your beloved one). Older people prefer something cozy and practical, such as quality sweaters, blankets for the home or something made with their own hands. Below we present you some of the gift ideas for the person you like, but you are not together yet. If you have recently met and don't know the tastes of a person, but want to show the attentions, give a hint in your feelings and don't want to miscalculate with a gift, here are some win-win options:

Portable speakers for the shower. There is no person in the world who doesn't listen to music. Music is what surrounds us everywhere: at home, at work, in the car. And, of course, almost everyone have ever sang in the shower. So why not make the process even more enjoyable and give a waterproof portable speakers that could be turned on right in the shower?

Light nozzle on the hose. The nozzle on the hose is a small, but very nice gift that will please not only any host, but also his children. It is not so boring to wash your hands or dishes if the water changes color and creates a joyful mood. Believe me, if you give such a gift you will be remembered with joy and nice words every time someone in the family opens the tap, and that’s often.

Gadgets running from the USB port. A flash drives, a hard drives, a cup warmer, a lamp or even a refrigerator. That is only a small part of what can buy. Use your imagination to thing about more things. These things are always useful and can cheer up any person, regardless of age and status.

Underwear. Of course, we are not talking about choosing a beautiful sexy set of lace underwear for a person who you know for few weeks. However, if you know the size of a person, then you can easily choose week-panties (for these who doesn't know it is a set of seven panties with a day of the week on each pair) or panties and socks with a Christmas theme. By the way, often, on Christmas Eve such things are already sold beautifully packed in almost all mass-markets around the world. So here, you also save on packaging.

Jerseys. Well, everything is very simple in this case. T-shirts with amusing deer or Santa, funny or memorable inscriptions, with your face or the face of the person to whom you are giving a gift. Your imagination has a place to roam. Personally, I liked the gift of one of my friends. He gave his boss a t-shirt on which he printed the signatures of all the people working in their department. People changed, someone left, someone came, but the chief have wear this t-shirt every Christmas and New Year and asked newcomers to put their signatures. The same version can be done by collecting the signatures of all the friends of your object of sympathy or simply by typing on a t-shirt "this is our first Christmas together".

Keychains. At first glance you may think it is a useless gift, but nowadays there are many interesting, beautiful and at the same time useful keychains. For example, a keychain with keys, with which you can put a stamp with your name, surname and even phone number or keychain knife sharpener and a corkscrew for wine. And my favorite type of keychain called ResQMe. This keychain can't only be a beautiful decorate for a bunch of keys, but also to save a person's life. In particular, cut the seat belt in the car in case of an accident and break the glass.

Smokers will love the ashtray. Of course, smoking harms your health and it is better not to start at all, but if a person already smokes, the original ashtray can be a great gift. First, it is practical and will be used for its intended purpose. Secondly, now you can choose an ashtray for any pocket and taste and thus provide a win-win gift.

If you know for sure, your feelings are mutual, but you have not confessed to each other yet, the gift with hint will be most welcome. In this category are selected small and nice gifts that will tell your loved one about your feelings and will help to move your relationship to the next step. There are many varieties of such gifts. In my opinion, the most interesting option is the same sweaters. Mittens for a pair, paired umbrellas, gifts with mistletoe, which you must lift above your heads when you present a gift, can also come up.

Joint photo shoot. Joint photo sessions are the best way to get closer and get to know each other better. Staged photos, delay in one pose looking into each other's eyes and a wonderful fairy-tale atmosphere. All this, combined with the fact that you will get professional and memorable photos for both of you, just can’t not leave the person to whom you have feeling for indifferent.

However, sometimes it is much easier to buy a present for person you hardly know then for somebody you have been dating for a while or even to whom you are married to. And it is understandable, you have been together for a long time and spend many holidays together, gave many gifts. At certain point, your imagination is just running out. So, in the next part of this article I want to give some ideas of Christmas presents for people whom been dating for a while or already married. This topic I have divided into 2 main parts. Presents for him and for her.

I will start with beautiful half of our humanity - with our women.

How to make happy your girlfriend for the Christmas? How to look most original, romantic and caring in her eyes? So... of course, there is a standard and probably the most predicted set of gifts:

* Jewelry. Any jewelry from Pandora to Tiffany. No wonder there is a saying that diamonds are the girls best friends.

* Gadgets. In this case, it may be a new smart watch or tablet, a recently released phone or a new laptop;

* Luxury perfume. Everything is much more complicated with perfume. You need to know exactly what perfume your lady wears, otherwise you risk to spent lots of money and will not get the needed reaction;

* Various gift certificates.

However, as for me it is a little boring and banal. And for many guys, it is also too expensive, because in addition to the beloved girl, mom, dad, sisters, brothers and numerous friends are waiting for gifts too. Anyway, any men are willing to spend any amount of money to please their partner. If you are not a millionaire, I will offer you a number of interesting no less worthwhile, but less expensive gift ideas for your beloved.

The first thing to need to do is to listen. Yes - yes, she probably have told you and repeated them 20 times what she wants for Christmas or at least gave a hint to her desires. These are the examples that you might herd:

* If she complains that she is very tired at work, then a massager for the back or legs will definitely please her, and will show how sensitive and serving man you are;

* If she complains that she doesn't have enough time to go to the gym or morning jog, it makes sense to give her an elliptical simulator;

* Talks about her long-standing dream to become an artist? Why not give her an easel and thus take the first step to her dream;

* Says he wants to capture the whole world. You can give her a Polaroid. I am sure that the first picture she will take is the “thanks kiss’ with you;

* She is always talking about a bracelet or a dress she saw in the shop;

* Her favorite hair straightener for hair is broken and she has known idea how to deal with it? Give her a new one! She'll definitely appreciate it;

* She constantly looking at pictures of cute kittens or puppies, and showed you a video where someone is given a pet for the 100th? Maybe it is a hint? Get her a cutes puppy and she will be happy as a child.

If you want to present an original gift:

Eternal rose in a glass flask. This is not a simple gift. It is a big pile of romance and love for every true woman. Rose will not wither in a week, like an ordinary flower, and will stand in its original form for 5 years.

Instax mini 9. This miniature camera takes instant photo printing them out immediately. It is a modern version of the well-known Polaroid. This camera is the perfect way to capture your emotions. Instagram is fashionable and popular, but this camera is a live version of it. Use the photos to make a bright collage, put them into a frame or hang on the fridge. These things and much more your girlfriend or wife will be able to do with such a device. Bright miniature photos will be an ideal tool for emotional sets.

Kigurumi's pajamas. Pajamas in the form of different kind of animals (not necessary existing on the planet) is at the peak of popularity at this time. It is definitely what your girlfriend dreams of in cold winter evenings. By the way, this gift will also be useful for a pajama party!

The Floriana. This is a kind of aquarium with vegetation and a specially created microclimate, which allows you to pay minimum attention to your plants. The composition is handmade from delightful plants will not leave any woman who loves nature indifferent.

Sweets. Well, who doesn't like candy and chocolate? Even girls, who always sit on diets, give themselves a break and are willing slightly sacrifice their figure on Christmas holidays. So, to your girlfriend, bride or wife, you can present an original bouquet of chocolates. Even better, if you order the chocolate with declaration of love (if you have not said these words yet, but ready to say them).

Not a thing, but the impression. This can be a certificate for a horse ride, a yoga lesson, a cooking or photography courses, a sewing, a parachute jump, a balloon ride, a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist, a coupon for a visit to the spa or a tea ceremony. There are many options, just choose what your partner is fond of and that is all.

Calendar or a magazine with a picture of a girl. This is a very original and memorable present. Now such things can be ordered for little money or even can be made with your own hands - using simple programs and printed in the nearest printing store.

Quest gift. In the presence of imagination, you can turn Christmas Eve into a real quest. To do this, you need to buy a few small, but necessary and interesting gifts, think in advance and draw a map of "treasures", spread out the room tips and hide gifts. Many emotions, the game of imagination and just a chic gesture of attention will stay in the memory of you woman forever.

Is your girlfriend a more romantic person? Then the gift should be romantic. Here are 9 things that most women have admitted they dream of doing for Christmas. Why not to use it as an idea of Christmas gift?

Romantic evening. Many women dream that they would be organized a romantic evening. For this, you can originally decorate the room or simply invite her to a pre-selected and unusual place, for example, to the winter garden or dark restaurant.

Romantic trip. There is no need to buy an expensive tour to exotic places. You can just get together and go on holidays in a secluded house (depending on the budget it can be a mountain base or a neighboring holiday home). Perhaps, the Christmas Eve in a cozy house with a beautiful view of the mountains is best way to spend such a day and the best memories!

Visit a real Christmas ball. The vast majority of women said that they have dreamed at least once in their life to feel like princesses and dance waltz with her man. So, make her dream come true and if there is a ball in your city don't hastate and buy tickets and you will never regret it. Just do not forget to organize outfits that would make your girl feel like a real Cinderella.

Ride in a carriage or cart — if it is impossible to orange the ball (for example if there are no balls in your city), the alternative is to ride in a carriage like a real princess. If you can't find the carriage, it is absolutely fine to use sleigh pulled by horses or a cart with a coachman. The main thing is not to forget the romantic music and learn at least two poems about love and read them to your beloved.

Latin dance lesson with a partner. Tango, rumba, salsa, bachata, even one thought of these passionate dances boils the blood. These dances are filedwith passion and love, and of course, many women dream to have one dance with their lovers. So feel free to take a certificate for Latin dance lessons and learn new things not only about the body of the partner, but also about your body.

Become participants in the play. Immersive theater is becoming more and more popular among theater lovers. For those to whom this name is new, I will explain. The immersive performance creates the effect of full immersion of the viewer in the plot of the performance; it is a theater of involvement, where the viewer is a full participant in what is happening. At any time, actors can start direct interaction with the audience – for example, they can blindfold the viewer, take him by the hand to another room, and leave him there, they can hug or kiss him, or they can just look his into his eyes for a long time. Recent surveys have shown that more than 70% of women dream to visit such a place. So buy your tickets and take your lady there. I assure you will not regret it.

Striptease from Santa Claus. Ohhh, yeah! This gift requires you to have a little plastic, sexy music and of course taking off your clothes.  However, the passionate night will please not only her, but also you.

Evening in thematic style. Many girls dream just to have an unusual Christmas and want their partner to take all the obligations for the organization of leisure time. Therefore, if you can secretly agree on the theme of the holiday, buy or make a suit for your wife or girlfriend and spend a Christmas evening in the style of Jane Austen, for example, you will make her happy. Isn't that the most important thing?

Marriage proposal. I saved the sweetest for last. Hundred percent of women, I have interviewed, said that the most romantic act from a man for Christmas they have ever or like to receive is a marriage proposal. Yes, just buy a ring stand on one knee and ask:"Are you ready to spend every Christmas with me until the end of our days?"

Now let us move on to our favorite men.Christmas gift for a man is responsible and delicate thing. Therefore, you better to start thinking about this issue in advance and be sure to choose a great and original gift for your husband, boyfriend or friend.

Knowing the interests and preferences of your man is almost the same, as you having a password from his heart, and giving him the right gift is the same way as if you would scratch your name in his hart and stay there forever. Do you want to make him cry of joy, to understand that the gift you made was the best he have ever get? Then watch what your man likes to do. Here are a few options for what you can give to your man:

E-book. Does your boyfriend have a passion for reading or just has a lot of documents and information to read? Then, as they say, the book is the best gift, because it can both encourage and comfort, and give a source of inspiration for a long time. However, the e-book will allow him to collect his collection of reading material for all times. If you want to be even more original, you can download the most interesting books of his favorite genre in advance, there by surprising him even more. Choosing a book as a present is your personal message to a man and this is defiantly will remind him of you.

Portable speaker. This gift is suitable for those men who are in modern world called music lovers! If you know that your man listen to the music all the time, loves loud parties and outdoors parties and picnics with music then no doubt he will love this gadget. Portable speaker with splash protection and high-capacity battery is sure way to please him.

Limited edition Moleskine. Moleskine produces limited edition notebooks for fans of different worlds. Notebook on "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings", "Star wars" or other universe — will never leave any fantasy fan indifferent. So, if you spend all day arguing which universe is cooler Marvel or DC, feel free to order this original and desired gift.

A box of surprise. Does your man love good beer? Or he is a handyman and wants a good collection of tools? Or a big football fan? Then there is an amazing idea how to please your man. These are men's boxes. This gift as kinder surprise for any man. He will get a set of things for the hobby he is interested in. For example, a home brewery to make his own beer!  In the thematic box, it will find all the necessary components and equipment. Order one of these boxes for him for Christmas, and by the end of January he will be able to taste his first homemade beer, fix everything in the house or boast of a fan set in front of his friends.

Gift set: business card holder and housekeeper. If the future owner prefers classics, and his style is restrained minimalism or casual, a set of business card holders and housekeeper will be a good gift! The main thing to try to choose a gift of high quality and genuine leather, with an interesting and elegant style, as well as it should be functional and comfortable. Also it better to choose classical model, so it would never go out of fashion. Moreover, do not forget to pack it nicely. Men as well as women like gifts that look beautifully.

A box for real creators. Not just a box, but also a real happiness for the artist! The set has everything to create everyday masterpieces. Notebooks in leather cover, pen, liner and pencil for different types of graphics, these are just small part of what you will get in the box. However, first you have to prove that the artists - not pampered nature and can brutally wield a crowbar because this is how most of these boxes are opened.

Virtual reality glasses. Men are innovators by nature, and like to explore everything new and unusual. Why not give him a great way to explore extraterrestrial worlds or visit any places in the world. Virtual reality glasses will be a godsend giftfor any men who is interested in the technique, and just a terrific treasure for the gamer! Virtual reality glasses will allow you fully enjoy games, movies, attractions in virtual reality.

Foldable quadcopter with camera. There is one very cool and versatile gift that will surely appeal to any man regardless of his age! Incredibly compact drone with a high-quality 4K camera, capable of shooting video and photos from a bird's-eye is definitely spectacular gift for a special person.

Christmas bottle for drinks. The bottle for drinks is an excellent nominal gift, which will please your man for many years not only on every Christmas holidays.  The set Includes Christmas bottle andfour glasses. The name of the owner is writtenwith a special laser on the surface of the glass bottle, which makes the gift unique and memorable!

Beard and mustache set. Nowadays, men have started to care more about their appearance. And if your man has a mustache and beard, a set of care for the beard and mustache — is an integral thing that is not just desirable, but essential! Well-groomed beard and neat mustache givemen his image of brutality, masculinity and determination. Your man will be delighted!

Action-camera. I continue to talk about gadgets the theme. Action camera is present and needed gift for fans of extreme sports. You see it is not only important to create and then perfume the cool and maybe even dangerous tricks, it is also important to capture this performance. Now it is very fissionable to say, “If you didn’t record something it’s never happened”.  Action camera allows you to make cool selfies and shoot video in live-format, which can then be uploaded to social networks.

If you want to make a more emotional gift, as they say to give him not a thing, but an emotion, for you I provide interesting options that your man will definitely appreciate:

Getaway for Christmas. Just as I have said about the women’s trip, it doesn't have to be hot expensive and distant countries. A country house or a trip to the nearest beautiful town for a couple of days can be a great gift. Any man will be delighted to get away from day to day route and to spend some time with together. Moreover, if you have a complete trust in your relationship you can organize the trip for him and couple of his friends. Having a boys’weekend will certainly get his mood up.

Season ticket for football or hockey. If your man is a passionate football fan, you can safely give him an annual pass for all the matches of his favorite team or for all the matches of your city. I'm sure this gift will make him jump like a happy little boy.

Flying in the wind tunnel / parachute jump / balloon ride. Any of the listed gifts will be interesting and desirable for the admirer of extreme sports. He will be to be on top of the world and you will show yourself as a girl who knows how to choose gifts.

Race or test-drive of vintage cars. For those men who has a taste for good transport and know all brands and parameters of cars from "A to Z", this gift will be ideal. Day in a rare fleet with the opportunity to try out the best models of cars of the past and the present will leave your men breathless and speechless from happiness. For those who prefers speed, racing is more suitable.

Recently, Christmas gifts with are made your own hands are gaining popularity all over the world. This happens because there are more and more technologies around us, so people began to appreciate the manual work done in a single copy. In addition, handmade gifts are usually made of high quality materials and the creator puts all the heart and soul in the gift. Of course, I could not miss this topic in my article:

Christmas souvenir. Christmas souvenirs bring the spirit of the holiday, so it is better to give them a little in advance, so that the owners would have some time to find the place for the gift in the house and create the right atmosphere of a exciting holiday. There are many variations of souvenirs. It may be something related to the Chinese calendar - next year will be held under the sign of a Pig (boar), which means that any cute pig may well be a wonderful holiday gift. Small Christmas trees, magnets, candles and more. We know that not everyone has an ability to make beautiful things, so you can try to make a souvenir at the numerous master classes that are held in your city. This will give you confidence and help to create a great gift. In addition, it is fun to spend time creating something.

Any object with a photo (magnet, album or pillow). This is the easiest and at the same time very touching way to make a gift to your loved one for Christmas with your own hands. Especially when you realize that, you actually do not have to do mostly anything "with your own hands" - the main thing is to find a good idea and spend a little time to make it come true. It can be calendars, phone cases, balls, magnets, photo books, collages and much more. There are services for creating photo gifts that print photos and images on almost anything. You will only need to choose the photos and place them correctly on the selected object. For example, for the calendar, you can choose a beautiful photo of the whole family or some funny moments or you can even arrange a special photo shoot for this. By the way, a good gift can be a simple photo of two of you printed on a huge canvas - it will not only decorate the living room of your partner, but also will warm her every day.

Toy or trinket. There can be of two types of toys. A large soft toy made with your own hands or Christmas tree toy. You can sew a toy in the form of a pig, for example, from a sock. Cut from designer thick paper several complex silhouettes of deer or Santa with openwork pattern Make a toy on the technique of dry or wet felting. Small souvenir can be woven from wire. Such a small and cute present will please any person. By the way, a souvenir doesn't have to be just to decorate the Christmas tree! Make a Christmas wreath on the door (for its manufacture will require the usual branches, colorful ribbons and decorative cones) or pillow in the shape of the toy, which will look cute and a person can use it for sleep.

A knitted  with your own hands accessory. Of course, it is worth to prepare and take a couple of lessons on knitting, but the result of these actions will be a great gift. Hats, scarves, mittens sweaters and even phone cases. All this can be done in an exclusive style with a small detail, which only two of you know. This will make the gift even more personal.

Sweet gift. Sweet gift is my favorite way to make someone a present with your own hands. If you like to cook, sweets are the best way to please your loved ones. After all, sweet is something that reminds us of childhood, about the miracle, and those moments when we waited for Christmas with impatience. What sweet gifts can you make for someone you love? Well there are many options. Some of them are gingerbread cookies on the Christmas tree, painted gingerbread, a delicious gingerbread house, cake, cakes, and handmade sweets. The main thing is to make a gift individually wrapped or even better to make it nominal so it would not look like just an addition to the Christmas table. If you follow my advices, the sweet present will leave a mark in the soul of a loved one.

A useful thing that you have made unique with your hands. It can be some interesting life hacks or improved models of ordinary things. In general, the internet will help you, and you can create something new from something old.

Handmade cards. Cards made with your own hands, can be an addition to the gift or a small independent present - for example, to a colleague whom you fancy. Do not make a postcard from cardboard boxes and old wallpaper as the school art classes in childhood. It is better to go to a specialized store where you can find a blank for cards (specially rolled cardboard), as well as the necessary decor.

Piece of furniture or home decor. You can try to make candles, pictures, rugs shelfs and many other useful and interesting things with your own hands. Believe me, it is not as difficult as it seems. Now many training videos will help you do what you have in mind just look at the internet. Decide on a gift, buy or find the right materials and be patient. I'm sure you will succeed.


In this article, I have listed many useful and necessary gifts, but I can't leave without your attention a number of items that are considered be gifts of bad luck and you should exclude them from the gift list. There are these items and the explanation why you should avoid gifts like that:

Knives, forks. It is believed that the knife blades, being sharp objects, carrying its owner quarrels, conflicts, trouble, and capable of cutting the strongest friendship, to destroy the strong family. There is a belief that the presented knife can be activated and manifest itself in a knife fight. This can happen on a holiday when it was presented. You do not know how superstitious people are so it’s better to avoid presenting such a gift.

Scissors. Scissors, as well as knives and all sharp are considered to be sources of discord. In this regard, it is better just not present such a gift.

Lighters. The popular belief attributes to it great accessory negative properties.

Razors. The reasons why razor is considered as unfavorable present come from ancient times when people used cutting objects that were difficult to shave and easy to get hurt. Cuts, which brought a lot of unpleasant sensations, caused man’s bad mood. Therefore, there were often scandals in the family on the basis. Since that time, the razor has become a negative gift.

Gloves. There is a belief that you can't give gloves, because it can lead to separation or quarrel. It is believed that you must pay a minimal fee for such a gift supposedly making it a purchase, and not taking as a gift.

Handkerchiefs. Almost for all peoples, this gift associates with sharply negative emotions. The Spanish women give them to their man, saying with this gesture that love has faded. In Germany, handkerchiefs are put to the bed of a terminally ill person.

Mirror. At all times, this attribute was considered as the main attribute to the dark magic and as very mystical subjects. Some people even believed the mirror to be a window into another world. Now many people remain true to their prejudices. Just avoid giving this gift.

An empty wallet. An empty wallet is perhaps the worst and most unpleasant gift. The fact is that it is able to directly affect the financial viability of a person: an empty wallet in the future will stay "empty". So if you decided to give a wallet as a present just put a coin in it just in case.

Pearls. This gem was considered a symbol of tears that have already been shed and are yet to be shed.

I hope that after reading this article you will immediately decide on what gift you want to get for you partner or just someone you like. And burden of tension will leave your soul. However, if you are still confused and think what to get, just remember the main thing it is not a gift, but attention matters. Therefore, use your heart in choosing the present and present it to your loved ones. I wish you to give and receive wonderful gifts that would stay in your memory for a long time, making this Christmas Eve one of the best in your life.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

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